Affordability Matters

The City of Los Angeles is currently updating its Housing Element and Community Plans. In an effort to increase public understanding of our affordable housing needs and these planning efforts, Livable Places has partnered with UCLA to do two things: analyze affordable housing construction and demolition in the last eight years and create public workshops to share the analysis in a meaningful way.

The Affordability Matters project has published our first paper analyzing the city's housing construction and demolition since the last Housing Element in 1998. Read Affordability Matters: A Look at Housing Construction & Affordability in Los Angeles here. Note: 4MB file split in two halves: part 1 and part 2

Got Affordable Housing?
9 out of 10 of the homes built in 2006 were only affordable to people earning
above $135,000/year!*

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The Housing Element of the Los Angeles General Plan requires that the
City lay out its plans for addressing the housing needs of its population.
The Housing Element includes a list of sites where homes could be built
and steps the City will take to protect the existing affordable housing.

*12,691 of 14,000 Units, Building & Safety, LAHD.