New Communities

Livable Places is currently building two exciting new communities which will include 160 new homes. Both communities are located near light rail transit, and will be built using smart-growth and sustainable development principles, with the participation of the local community. All of Livable Places communities will be targeted to individuals and families of diverse economic means.

Established by an experienced group of Southern California real estate professionals, Livable Places develops innovative in-fill housing in Los Angeles County. Livable Places draws on the staff and board members’ collective expertise in real estate development, planning, architecture, construction, and finance to develop model projects that demonstrate new visions of green space, pedestrian friendly streetscape, new housing models, efficient land use and innovative design. The developments target a mix of income levels, provide both rental and homeownership opportunities, and will include commercial components in some cases.



Building Green

Buildings have an astounding impact on the environment. They account for nearly a third of total energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, raw materials, and waste. As Livable Places works to promote healthy communities, greening its affordable residential communities is critical.

Instead of building a waste-generating product, Livable Places ultimately wants to create residences with materials that can be continually reused or returned to the earth without wasting energy or raw materials. This transition from “cradle-to-grave” to “cradle-to-cradle” development is not without challenges. For example, there are higher up-front costs because everyone involved in the development process has learning curve hurdles. Though this challenging evolution will take many years, there are steps Livable Places is taking today as it plans for the greater strides of tomorrow.

Steps for Today

Livable Places has included various green building practices to develop its first communities.

Read Green at a Glance for Olive Court.

Read Green at a Glance for Fuller Lofts.


Livable Places has also adopted green building measures to include in its new communities whenever possible.

Read our current Green Building Standards.


Strides for Tomorrow

Livable Places is planning to move to a higher level of green building. Read about Livable Places’ next generation of green building practices it hopes will become standard for Livable Places communities in the future.